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Mechanical Measurements: Definitions and Terms Applicable to Measurements

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Mechanical Measurements

Living English Structure. Fluid Mechanics, 3e Sie - Fundamentals and Applications.

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Delivered before time. Genuine book. Abhishek bhatt Certified Buyer , Dehradun 10 months ago. With Amit Agrawal, the approach is very open-ended, the professor tries to give the students a feel for these systems and tries to make them think with in his exams, but his teaching can get a little too vague and lacks structure, starkly in contrast with Prabhu.

With Prabhu, it is the standard 2 quizzes, one midsem and one endsem.

Mechanical Measurements: Terms & definition Applicable to measurments

With Amit Agrawal, there are 4 to 5 quizzes, mid-sem and endsem in addition to one or two projects. The grading was strict and so this should not be mistaken to be an easy AA course. Also, designing an accurate, consistent measuring device is not as trivial a task as it sounds to be.

Thus, this turns out to be a vital as well as an intriguing course. Book 1 is the adapted version of book 2. Book 1 is recommended because in addition to the theory it also contains many solved problems and has practise problems also. The semester projects assigned by Amit Agrawal are to be done individually and are evaluated very carefully.

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Students should not copy at all because the professor is very strict against plagiarism and the if caught the student may end up in lot of trouble grade penalty, etc. Attendance is compulsory and there are surprise quizzes too.

Skip to content. Course Content 1 Dynamic Characteristics of Measurement Systems — Revision of statistics — General structure of a measurement system — General input — output equation — Study of a first and second order system subjected to various inputs step, ramp, impulse, sinusoidal — Basic Fourier Series implementation 2 Temperature Measurement: Thermocouples, thermometers, resistance temperature detectors etc.

Mechanical Measuring Instruments part one

Prabhu 9 Particle image velocimetry Amit Agrawal 10 Gyroscope analysis Amit Agrawal Again, even if the bullet points are the same, the approaches taken by both the professors are very different. Grading Structure With Prabhu, it is the standard 2 quizzes, one midsem and one endsem. Both professors are very strict about attendance.