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Thank you. Yes sure sowing can be in the form of money as well..

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See God looks at the heart unlike man. So are you sowing money in order to get a return or are you sowing it because you want to give to back to God because you know its his anyways and your demonstrating your faith and trust in him by doing so. Would that impact that? Nothing is wrong with sowing money and it is encouraged as to bless others, just be careful to examine your heart when you do so. This is such an amazing and Insightful post. I ran across your page by typing in how to sow a seed. I have been pushing myself to apply for my Masters in Speech Pathology however I believe that I need to sow a seed before I begin.

Do you have any advice on sowing a seed in this manner. Thank you and God Bless.


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Thank you and praise God! There were a lot of great people in the bible where this was the case but God was after their faith.

How Close Are We to Farming Human Body Parts?

With Abraham God told him to leave where he was and pick up and go, not knowing where to…see God requires active faith because that shows true trust in him. When it comes to your masters program look back in your life and see if there has been evidence of Gods hand on it leading you to this path, for example…Have people encouraged you to do it? Do you have a spiritual gifting that would be best used in this career path? Has it been in your heart for a while?

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  5. Do you enjoy it? These are some helpful ways that God can use to show us a direction and most of the time the greatest seed that we can sow is… Faith. Hello Erica, I bonce upon your interesting article. Thanks for your insight. I am trying to apply or live my true purpose in Christ. Hi, erica i found your blog while reasearching on seed planting,there are contracts i have been trusting God for and i asked God to lead me on how to plant a seed then two peoople my cousin and a friend have since come to me asking for a substantial amount of Money which both intend to give back, can this be considered a seed?

    God is not mocked because His glory cannot and will not ever be compromised. God is no respecter of persons. In other words, He shows no partiality. He wants everyone to be saved and do good and that means forming good habits as well. But you will only get out what you put in.

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    Are your daily habits reaping the harvest your desiring? Are You Reaping Blessings or Weeds? This principle carries over into your everyday life. However, most Christians live as if in a box. Well my friends, let me tell you, that is a lie! When you do nothing you become just that. God gives us commands spiritually but also physically.

    This will determine the outcome. Are your habits forming seeds for a profitable harvest or for a rotten one?

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    But God requires action on our part. You must take that step first then God will meet you. Luke He always wants you to be the best version of you. So you want something different? New changes for this new year? For me, this was in the area of discipline with my studies, finances, ministry, and prayer life. I began to practice discipline. Just by starting my day earlier and being focused on my tasks, my stress has diminished!

    Are there areas in your life you want to see changes made? Yet you wish and keep saying you will start a business. This applies to any goal you may want. You must sow in the time with Him. Add two tablespoons of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and use tank sprayer to apply the mix once a month substituting the spray for a regular watering. Use one tablespoon per gallon of water if you apply Epsom salt spray more often than once a month. Begin foliar spraying when blooms first appear. Work one tablespoon of Epsom salt per foot of plant height around the base of each plant.

    Sidedress plants every six weeks beginning soon after leaves appear and continuing through the end harvest. Add one or two tablespoons of Epsom salt to the bottom of each hole before planting seeds or transplants. This is the first summer I added epsom salt to my pepper plants and I am shocked at the number of peppers grown. Adding Epsom Salt to the soil for peppers and tomatoes is only beneficial IF there is a deficiency.

    Soil testing is used to determine what the soil needs. Michael, you are right but for the few cents it costs to apply for the whole growing season, why spend much more money on a test. The plant will use the magnesium and sulfur that it needs. How often do you do it? Epsom salt is not expensive. You can find it at a local supermarket or drug store.

    You will only need a pinch or two for each container. Add Epsom salt once a season at planting time.

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    7. And too much of ANY mineral is almost as bad, and sometimes worse, than not having enough. This post implies that using Epsom Salt will always benefit tomatoes and peppers, and that is just not the case. Test the soil OR test the plant. Do NOT guess. It will either aid a magnesium deficient soil, or it will do nothing in a soil which has adequate amounts of magnesium.