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The energy security tax may be here to stay. Reuters Breakingviews is the world's leading source of agenda-setting financial insight. As the Reuters brand for financial commentary, we dissect the big business and economic stories as they break around the world every day.

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Robin then say that he sounds like a crazy person and should just take a break from TV. Cyborg asks why he should do that and Robin replies that TV rots the brain. Cyborg doesn't believe this and says that TV keeps his brain active and strong. Beast Boy agrees by saying if a parent says it, it must be true. Robin then says instead of watching TV, they are going to hang around with each other, which all of the Titans except Cyborg are excited about.

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However, they all wind up being bored. Raven then breaks the boring silence by saying without TV, no one knows how long a second is.

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  • Cyborg asks how many seconds are there until they go to sleep, and Starfire replies approximately 32, Cyborg then gets annoyed and says he isn't going through seconds 32, more times. Robin then says they should have a meaningful conversation. Beast Boy then asks how they do that and Robin replies that they just speak how they feel. Robin then starts by saying "Good afternoon. These are a nice day.

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    • For things. I'm a person. Robin says they should just do something that people did for fun before TV. Beast Boy says a parade so the Titans all go to a parade.

      Titans of oil world meet in Houston after two-year price war

      They all find it quite boring and boo at the parade. Cyborg then says he is tired of seeing parades and doing terrible conversations and just wants to watch TV. Robin says that it will just rot his brain, so he tells the Titans things that they have been wanting to do. He tells Beast Boy to play the keyboard, Raven to do body building and Starfire to help the poor. It then shows them doing all of these things, along with Robin doing carpentry and Cyborg cooking.

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      Cyborg then makes everyone tapas, which they all enjoy. However, they all start to feel empty inside and Raven wanted to know why.

      Cyborg says that no of the things that they did were beneficial, an said that TV have all of those things and that TV is the real hero. They then notice a foul smell an Cyborg states that it is their brains rotting. The capital of the U. One of the biggest questions in the oil market is how quickly and how much shale producers will boost output.


      Oil Titans: National Oil Companies in the Middle East

      A sharp rise from the U. Shale activity is humming in the hottest U. The U. Already this year, Total and BP have launched multi-billion dollar deals to expand in Brazil and Mauritania, respectively.